ࡱ>  \pOJA010 Ba==xZx_-" "\ * #,##0.00_-;_-" "\ * #,##0.00\-;_-" "\ * "-"??_-;_-@_-4+/_-* #,##0.00_-;_-* #,##0.00\-;_-* "-"??_-;_-@_-;" "\ #,##0_);\(" "\ #,##0\)E " "\ #,##0_);[Red]\(" "\ #,##0\)G!" "\ #,##0.00_);\(" "\ #,##0.00\)Q&" "\ #,##0.00_);[Red]\(" "\ #,##0.00\)q6_(" "\ * #,##0_);_(" "\ * \(#,##0\);_(" "* "-"_);_(@_).)_(* #,##0_);_(* \(#,##0\);_(* "-"_);_(@_)>_(" "\ * #,##0.00_);_(" "\ * \(#,##0.00\);_(" "* "-"??_);_(@_)61_(* #,##0.00_);_(* \(#,##0.00\);_(* "-"??_);_(@_)                           8 ``i̜̙3f3333f3ffff333ff333f33f33BBB\`ETask overview TMM D2.2" GID Task NameStartFinishGatewaysTransfer of BL gateway to KBSetting up KB central gatewayTesting KB central gateway Corrections KB central gateway tested&stable,Adapt collection descriptions to point to KBKB gateway operationalBill Oldroyd retires from BLLatviaCollection descriptions(Basic CLDs in English sent to TEL Office$Checking&testing basic English CLDs Creating richer CLD in EnglishCreating CLDs in local languageVerifying&testing CLDsZ39.50 via central gateway4Z39.50 servers for LV1-LV4 accessible for TEL Office0Test access to Z39.50 databases + correspondenceAConfiguring central gateway for LV1-LV4; check gateway parameters6Checking MARC21 records for compliancy with BL gateway#Do metadata conversions (if needed)8Testing of Z39.50 access for LV1-LV4 via central gatewaySolving problems'Central gateway operational for LV1/LV4Local gateway Implematation of local gateway!Testing&tweaking of local gateway+Local gateway operational from this date onBrowse-only collections3Sent CLDs for browse-only collections to TEL Office,Verifying&testing CLDs for browse only coll.)Adding&testing of browse-only collectionsTeleconferences LatviaTeleconference 1Teleconference 2Teleconference 3Hungary&Amicus (Z39.50 central + Z39.50 local)Collection descriptions "Writing CLDs in English for Amicus$Writing CLDs in Hungarian for Amicus!Verifying&testing CLDs for Amicus;Amicus Z39.50 interface available for testing by TEL Office.Test Z39.50 access to Amicus + correspondence@Configuring central gateway for Amicus; check gateway parameters4Checking MARC records for compliancy with BL gateway7Testing of Z39.50 access for Amicus via central gatewaySolving problems &Central gateway operational for AmicusZ39.50 via local gateway(Setup local gateway for Amicus + testing"Amicus available via local gateway%Mokka (Z39.50 central + Z39.50 local)!Writing CLDs in English for Mokka#Writing CLDs in Hungarian for Mokka Verifying&testing CLDs for Mokka:Mokka Z39.50 interface available for testing by TEL Office-Test Z39.50 access to Mokka + correspondence?Configuring central gateway for Mokka; check gateway parameters6Testing of Z39.50 access for Mokka via central gateway%Central gateway operational for Mokka'Setup local gateway for Mokka + testing!Mokka available via local gateway Corvina (OAI)#Writing CLDs in English for Corvina%Writing CLDs in Hungarian for Corvina"Verifying&testing CLDs for CorvinaOAI*OAI metadata conversions for Corvina ready=OAI interface for Corvina available for testing by TEL Office+Test OAI access to Corvina + correspondence+Harvesting+indexing Corvina records+testingCorvina available via OAIMaps collection (OAI)*Writing CLDs in English for MapsCollection,Writing CLDs in Hungarian for MapsCollection)Verifying&testing CLDs for MapsCollection1OAI metadata conversions for MapsCollection readyDOAI interface for MapsCollection available for testing by TEL Office2Test OAI access to MapsCollection + correspondence2Harvesting+indexing MapsCollection records+testing MapsCollection available via OAI"Hungarian Electronic Library (OAI)Writing CLDs in English for HEL!Writing CLDs in Hungarian for HELVerifying&testing CLDs for HEL&OAI metadata conversions for HEL ready9OAI interface for HEL available for testing by TEL Office'Test OAI access to HEL + correspondence'Harvesting+indexing HEL records+testingHEL available via OAI$NDA - National Digital Archive (OAI)Writing CLDs in English for NDA!Writing CLDs in Hungarian for NDAVerifying&testing CLDs for NDA&OAI metadata conversions for NDA ready9OAI interface for NDA available for testing by TEL Office'Test OAI access to NDA + correspondence'Harvesting+indexing NDA records+testingNDA available via OAIImplementation of local gateway$Implematation of local gateway (YAZ)0Postcards & Leaflets (OAI- HU7-9 - second phase)!Writing CLDs in English for HU7-9#Writing CLDs in Hungarian for HU7-9 Verifying&testing CLDs for HU7-9(OAI metadata conversions for HU7-9 ready;OAI interface for HU7-9 available for testing by TEL Office)Test OAI access to HU7-9 + correspondence)Harvesting+indexing HU7-9 records+testingHU7-9 available via OAI CzechRepublic$Manuscriptorium (OAI + Z39.50 local)'Send basic CLD in English to TEL Office1OAI with unqualified/simple DC available to test /Harvesting, indexing, testing of Manus. RecordsManus. avialble via OAIZ39.50 via local gatewayTesting Z39.50 access to Manus.(Setup local gateway for Manus. + testing"Manus. available via local gatewayKramerius (OAI + Z39.50 local)2Harvesting, indexing, testing of Kramerius RecordsKramerius avialble via OAI"Z39.50 interface available to test0Conversion of Kramerius records to MARC21 format+Setup local gateway for Kramerius + testing%Kramerius available via local gateway4 NKC (via OAI, SRU, Z39.50 central and Z39.50 local)Metadata OpenURL compliantOAI Implemented for NKCSRUSRU implemented for NKC#Z39.50 access available for testing%MARC21 (via Z39.50) available to test'Setup central gateway for NKC + testing!NKC available via central gateway%Setup local gateway for NKC + testingNKC available via local gateway4UCCR (via OAI, SRU, Z39.50 central and Z39.50 local)OAI Implemented for UCCRSRU implemented for UCCR(Setup central gateway for UCCR + testing# UCCR available via central gateway&Setup local gateway for UCCR + testing UCCR available via local gateway3CNB (via OAI, SRU, Z39.50 central and Z39.50 local)Send CLDs to TEL OfficeOAI Implemented for CNBSRU implemented for CNB'Setup central gateway for CNB + testing"CNB available via central gateway%Setup local gateway for CNB + testingCNB available via local gatewayOpenURL resolver4ExLibris SFX OpenURL operational + avaialbe for testEstonia%ESTER (Z39.50 central + Z39.50 local)4Collection description in English sent to TEL Office;Collection description in local language sent to TEL Office Verifying&testing CLDs for ESTER/Z39.50 server for ESTER accesible by TEL Office0Test access to Z39.50 database + correspondence@Configuring central gateway for ESTER + check gateway parameters6Testing of Z39.50 access for ESTER via central gateway%Central gateway operational for ESTER'Setup local gateway for ESTER + testing!ESTER available via local gateway DIGAR (OAI) Verifying&testing CLDs for DIGAR(OAI metadata conversions for DIGAR ready;OAI interface for DIGAR available for testing by TEL Office)Test OAI access to DIGAR + correspondence)Harvesting+indexing DIGAR records+testingDIGAR available via OAIISE, BIE, ERK (Z39.50 local)&Verifying&testing CLDs for ISE,BIE,ERK5Z39.50 server for ISE,BIE,ERK accesible by TEL OfficeDConfiguring local gateway for ISE,BIE,ERK + check gateway parameters3Checking records for compliancy with local gateway:Testing of Z39.50 access for ISE,BIE,ERK via local gateway)Local gateway operational for ISE,BIE,ERK$Implematation of local gateway readyBrowse-only/WWW colections>Collection description for 5 WWWcollections sent to TEL Office)Verifying&testing CLDs for WWWcollectionsImplementation of SRU)Implementation of SRU under investigation"Implementation of OpenURL resolver6Implementation of OpenURL resolver under investigationSlovakia9Implementation of OpenURL resolver (for both collections)!Implematation of OpenURL resolver4OpenURL resolver available for testing by TEL Office$Testing&tweaking of OpenURL resolver.OpenURL resolver operational from this date on5Slovak Library Catalogue (OAI, perhaps SRU or Z39.50)Writing CLDs in EnglishWriting CLDs in SlovakVerifying&testing CLDs 9OAI interface for SLC available for testing by TEL Office'Test OAI access to SLC + correspondence#Test OpenURL compliancy of metadata5OAI metadata conversions MARC21->TEL AP for SLC ready'Harvesting+indexing SLC records+testingSLC available via OAI SRU (in 2006)<.Implementition of SRU server/interface in 2006?Implementation of local gateway (only if OAI is not sufficient)Only if OAI is not sufficient8Z39.50 via local gateway (only if OAI is not sufficient)LZ39.50 via central gateway (only if OAI and Z39.50 local are not sufficient)/Only if OAI and Z39.50 local are not sufficient>Memoria Slovaca - Digital library (OAI, perhaps SRU or Z39.50)8OAI interface for MS available for testing by TEL Office&Test OAI access to MS + correspondence4OAI metadata conversions MARC21->TEL AP for MS ready&Harvesting+indexing MS records+testingMS available via OAI Lithuania4Union Catalogue (SRU, Z39.50 central + Z39.50 local)7UC Z39.50 interface available for testing by TEL Office*Test Z39.50 access to UC + correspondence<Configuring central gateway for UC; check gateway parameters/Checking records for compliancy with BL gateway3Testing of Z39.50 access for UC via central gateway"Central gateway operational for UCCreating CLDs in EnglishSending CLDs to TEL Office!Implementing SRU server/interface1SRU interface availalbe for testing by TEL OfficeTesting of SRU interfaceMetadata conversions ready'Testing of metadata + TEL AP compliancyFurther SRU testing&tweaking$IVLI available via SRU in TEL portal$Setup local gateway for UC + testingUC available via local gateway)LNLC (SRU, Z39.50 central + Z39.50 local)9LNLC Z39.50 interface available for testing by TEL Office,Test Z39.50 access to LNLC + correspondence>Configuring central gateway for LNLC; check gateway parameters7Checking UNIMARC records for compliancy with BL gateway5Testing of Z39.50 access for LNLC via central gateway$Central gateway operational for LNLC&Setup local gateway for LNLC + testing LNLC available via local gateway IVLI (SRU)Cyprus-Z39.50 server for CY1 accesible by TEL Office>Configuring central gateway for CY1 + check gateway parameters4Testing of Z39.50 access for CY1 via central gateway#Central gateway operational for CY1 Local gateway-Implementation of OAI instrad of Z39.50 localPoland*OPAC BNPOL (Z39.50 central + Z39.50 local).Z39.50 server for OPAC accesible by TEL Office?Configuring central gateway for OPAC + check gateway parameters5Testing of Z39.50 access for OPAC via central gateway$Central gateway operational for OPAC&Setup local gateway for OPAC + testing OPAC available via local gateway>PL2-PL4 (digital collctions - (Z39.50 central + Z39.50 local))1Z39.50 server for PL2-PL4 accesible by TEL OfficeBConfiguring central gateway for PL2-PL4 + check gateway parameters8Testing of Z39.50 access for PL2-PL4 via central gateway'Central gateway operational for PL2-PL4)Setup local gateway for PL2-PL4 + testing#PL2-PL4 available via local gatewayMalta-Z39.50 server for MT1 accesible by TEL Office>Configuring central gateway for MT1 + check gateway parameters4Testing of Z39.50 access for MT1 via central gateway#Central gateway operational for MT1(Actions from Knowledge Sharing Workshops6List of attendees to be published on www.telmemor.net.=5 Workshop presentations to be sent to Toomas for publication73 discussion lists/Forums will be set up within the TWG6Improve quality/simplify The European Library Handbook;Option to view entire Collection Description to be includedBImprove standards and consistency in use of DDC subject categories<Improve standards and consistency of Collection DescriptionsCImprovement of user friendliness of Collection Description TemplateSUpdate and extend the user guidelines with examples of good collection descriptionsQStreamline the maintenance process and solve the security issues related to this.-Service Description work should be automated.{Build an application which harvests Z39.50 or SRU/SRW access data from a remote database by making a set of queries from itgThe resulting data should be encoded according to the NISO IR service specification standard guidelinesLCo-operation between the TEL office and the partners in creating the toolsetLSupport for NISO standards (collection description & IR service description)*Identify errors and omissions in mappings %Creation of standard crosswalk rules WIdentification of elements and encoding schemes to be added e.g.: place of publication 7Bibliographic citation - standardisation - explanation \Bringing together and representing data from multiple records to create the complete record.GMappings to other non-library formats e.g. Cataloguing Cultural ObjectsQTEL to provide a listing of non-MARC formats and contacts for expertise e.g. MAB FTEL to make conversion tools downloadable from the metadata handbook. ;TEL to provide XSLT transformation from MARC21XML to TEL AP=TEL to make default character set explicit in handbook (UTF8)Create a Forum0Updating of Metadata Handbook/registry/profile. 'Maintenance of TEL Application profile 1Review of the methodology for submission of termsODefinition of collections needs to be explained in more detail in the handbook 0Need to experiment with local copy of TEL portal7Wish to access SRU resources via local library portals tAvailability of technical info on TEL website current handbook very complicated, needs revising with relevant links.6Non free databases to be made accessible via TEL proxyBBrowse only collections should be made available via TEL crawling YRelation between conversion to TEL application profile and functionality needs explainingYInstructions for testing own collections in portal and avoiding the security restrictions1Sorting for different languages to be implemented_Possibility for harvesting: alternative for OAI is Z39.50 or SRU with a modification date index&Installation package for local gatewayLUse collection description form to provide relevant data to set up a serviceISmall static collections not harvested via OAI but stored in TEL database1Set up implementation discussion list (TWG list?)wHow to solve incompatibilities between portal search features and target search capabilities (use service description) yLocal set up of z39:50 gateway is desirable but testing should be initially via the TEL central gateway to test quickly TUsers of YAZ proxy (gateway) and TEL gateway need to experiment and provide feedbackJ   {S x P b W R17!w!rb#$&'&'(X$*+-o./%1wW23=5 6 h8 ;`==>4_Acc  X#Ve`ju!G;/[# g   dMbP?_*+%M\\babbel\KB0027009$S 4dXXA4PRIV0''''` P4\K5 TRJPHAAPBO029 BAPHAA" dXX??U} I4} #h    h     ~ ? j@v@~ @ j@v@~ @ j@@~ @ @@~ @ @6@~ @  J@@~ @  @v@~  @   @ v@~ "@   j@ v@~ $@~ &@   j@ v@~ (@  j@ @~ *@ j@j@~ ,@ j@V@~ .@ j@@~ 0@ j@@~ 1@  @@~ 2@ j@J@~ 3@ j@j@~ 4@ j@@~ 5@  @6@~ 6@ j@6@~ 7@ J@@~ 8@ *@6@~ 9@ j@@~ :@ J@J@~ ;@ *@v@~ <@ *@@~ =@  @v@~ >@  v@v@D l8@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ !"#$%&'()h*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?~ ?@ ! j@ v@~ !@@ !"!j@!@~ "@@ "#"@"v@~ #A@ #$#j@#@~ $A@ $%$j@$@~ %B@ %&%j@%v@~ &B@ &'&@&@~ 'C@ '(' @'@~ (C@~ )D@ ))) @)v@~ *D@ *** @*v@~ +E@ +++ @+@~ ,E@ ,,, @,@~ -F@ --- @-@~ .F@ ...@.@~ /G@ // @/8@~ 0G@ 0/0 @0 @~ 1H@ 101 @1@~ 2H@ 212@2@~ 3I@ 323 @3@~ 4I@ 44 @4@~ 5J@ 535*@58@~ 6J@ 646 @6v@~ 7K@ 7578@78@~ 8K@ 868@8v@~ 9L@ 979@9v@~ :L@ :8:v@:v@~ ;M@ ;9; @;v@~ <M@ << @<@~ =N@ =:= @=@~ >N@ >;> @>@~ ?O@ ?<?@?@DN l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_~ @O@ @@ @@8@~ AP@ A=A @A @~ B@P@ B>B @B@~ CP@ C?C@C@~ DP@ D2D @D@~ EQ@ EE @E@~ F@Q@ F@F*@F8@~ GQ@ G4G @G@~ HQ@ HAH8@H8@~ IR@ I6I@Iv@~ J@R@ JBJ@Jv@~ KR@ KCKv@Kv@~ LR@ LDL @L@~ MS@ MM @M@~ N@S@ NEN @N@~ OS@ OFO @O@~ PS@ PGP@P@~ QT@ QHQ @Q@~ R@T@ RIR @R @~ ST@ SJS @S @~ TT@ TKT @T6@~ UU@ ULUJ@U@~ V@U@ V4V @V@~ WU@ WMW@W@~ XU@ XNX @X6@~ YV@ YY @Y@~ Z@V@ ZOZ @Z@~ [V@ [P[ @[@~ \V@ \Q\@\@~ ]W@ ]H] @]6@~ ^@W@ ^R^ @^ @~ _W@ _S_ @_ @D l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~~ `W@ `T` @`6@~ aX@ aUaJ@a@~ b@X@ b4b @b6@~ cX@ cVc@c@~ dX@ dWd @d@~ eY@ ee @e@~ f@Y@ fXf @f@~ gY@ gYg @g@~ hY@ hZh@h@~ iZ@ iHi @i@~ j@Z@ j[j @j @~ kZ@ k\k @k @~ lZ@ l]l @l6@~ m[@ m^mJ@m@~ n@[@ n4n@n@~ o[@ o_o@o@~ p[@ p`p @p@~ q\@ qq @q@~ r@\@ rar @r@~ s\@ sbs @s@~ t\@ tct@t@~ u]@ uHu @u@~ v@]@ vdv @v @~ w]@ wew @w @~ x]@ xfx @x6@~ y^@ ygyJ@y@~ z@^@ z4z@z@~ {^@ {h{@{@~ |^@ |i|@|@~ }_@ }j}@}6@~ ~@_@ ~~J@~@~ _@  @@D l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@h~ _@ k*@v@~ `@ *@ @~  `@ l*@V @~ @`@ m*@V @~ ``@ n @ @~ `@ H*@v@~ `@ o @ @~ `@ p @ @~ `@ q @6 @~ a@ rJ @v@~  a@ 4*@v@~ @a@ sj@j@~ `a@~ a@ t@v @~ a@ u@@~ a@ @@~ a@ v@@~ b@ @@~  b@  @@~ @b@  @@~ `b@ @@~ b@ H@@~ b@ w@@~ b@ x@@~ b@ y@@~ c@ z@@~  c@ {@@~ @c@ |@@~ `c@ }@@~ c@ ~@v @~ c@ @@~ c@ v@@DN l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@~ c@ @@~ d@  @@~  d@  @@~ @d@ @@~ `d@ H@@~ d@ w@@~ d@ @@~ d@ @@~ d@ z @v @~ e@ @@~  e@  @@~ @e@ @v @~ `e@ v @v @~ e@ @v@~ e@ @@~ e@ @@~ e@ v@@~ f@ @@~  f@  @@~ @f@  @@~ `f@ @@~ f@ H@@~ f@ @@~ f@ @@~ f@ @@~ g@ @ @~  g@ @@~ @g@ @@~ `g@ @@~ g@  @ @~ g@ 6@v@~ g@ @v@D l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@~ g@ v@v@~ h@ @V@~  h@ @@~ @h@ @@~ `h@ v@@~ h@ @@~ h@  @@~ h@  @@~ h@ @@~ i@ H@@~  i@ @@~ @i@ @@~ `i@ @@~ i@ @ @~ i@ @@~ i@ @@~ i@ @@~ j@  @ @~  j@ 6j@V@~ @j@ j@V@~ `j@ V@V@~ j@ @6@~ j@ @6@~ j@ J@6@~ j@  6@6@~ k@ @v@~  k@ @@~ @k@ @@~ `k@ @@~ k@ @@~ k@ H@@~ k@ @@D l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@h~ k@ @@~ l@ @@~  l@ @ @~ @l@ @@~ `l@ @@~ l@ @@~ l@  @ @~ l@ 6@v@~ l@ @v@~ m@ v@v@~  m@ @@~ @m@ @@~ `m@~ m@ j@@~ m@ j@@~ m@ @@~ m@ @@~ n@ @@~  n@ @@~ @n@ j@@~ `n@ @@~ n@ @v@~ n@ J@@~ n@ J@V@~ n@ j@@~ o@ @@~  o@ 4j@6@~ @o@  @@~ `o@ 6@@~ o@ @@~ o@ @@~ o@ j@@DN l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@     ~ o@ @@~ p@ @@~ p@ @@~  p@ @@~ 0p@ Hj@@~ @p@ @@~ Pp@ @@~ `p@ @@~ pp@ *@@~ p@ 4 j@ v@~ p@  @ @~ p@   @ @~ p@   @ v@~ p@   @  @~ p@  @ @~ p@ J@v@~ p@ 6 @@~ q@  @ @~ q@  @V@~  q@ @v@~ 0q@ J@V@~ @q@ V@V@~ Pq@ *@@~ `q@ 4*@@~ pq@  @ @~ q@  @@~ q@  @ @~ q@  @@~ q@  @@~ q@  @ @~ q@  @ @~ q@  @ @D l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ !"#$%h&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?~ q@  J@ V@~ !r@ !!J@!V@~ "r@ ""j@"@~ # r@ ##j@#@~ $0r@~ %@r@ %% @%6@~ &Pr@ && @&6@~ '`r@ '' @'v@~ (pr@ ((v@(v@~ )r@ ))@)6@~ *r@ **6@*6@~ +r@ ++ @+@~ ,r@ ,, @,@~ -r@ -- @-@~ .r@ .. @.@~ /r@ //@/@~ 0r@ 0H0 @0@~ 1s@ 11 @1 @~ 2s@ 22 @2@~ 3 s@ 33 @3 @~ 40s@ 44 @46@~ 5@s@ 55 @5 @~ 6Ps@ 66 @6@~ 7`s@ 747 @7@~ 8ps@ 88@8@~ 9s@ 99 @9 @~ :s@ :: @: @~ ;s@ ;; @; @~ <s@ << @< @~ =s@ == @= @~ >s@ >> @> @~ ?s@ ?? @? @DN l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXhYZ[\]^_~ @s@ @@ @@ @~ At@ AA @A@~ Bt@ BB @B@~ C t@ CC @C@~ D0t@ DD @D@~ E@t@ EE@E@~ FPt@ FHF @F@~ G`t@ GG @G @~ Hpt@ HH @H@~ It@ II @I @~ Jt@ JJ @J6@~ Kt@ KK @K @~ Lt@ LL @L@~ Mt@ M4M @M@~ Nt@ NN@N@~ Ot@ OO @O @~ Pt@ PP @P @~ Qu@ QQ @Q @~ Ru@ RR @R @~ S u@ SS @S @~ T0u@ TT @T @~ U@u@ UU @U @~ VPu@ VV @V @~ W`u@~ Xpu@ XX@Xj@~ Yu@ YY@Yj@~ Zu@ ZZ@Z@~ [u@ [[@[@~ \u@ \\@\V@~ ]u@ ]]@]@~ ^u@ ^^@^@~ _u@ __@_v@DN l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~~ `u@ ``@`@~ av@ a4a@av@~ bv@ bb@b@~ c v@ ccJ@c@~ d0v@ ddJ@d6@~ e@v@ eeJ@e6@~ fPv@ ffJ@fJ@~ g`v@ ggJ@g@~ hpv@ hh@hj@~ iv@ ii@iV@~ jv@ jj@j@~ kv@ kk@k@~ lv@ llJ@lJ@~ mv@ mmJ@m@~ nv@ nn@n6@~ ov@ ooj@oj@~ pv@ p6p@pV @~ qw@ qq@qV @~ rw@ rrV @rV @~ s w@ ss@sj@~ t0w@ tt@t@~ u@w@ uu@u@~ vPw@ vv@vV@~ w`w@ ww@w@~ xpw@ xx@x@~ yw@ yy@yv@~ zw@ zz@z@~ {w@ {4{@{v@~ |w@ ||@|@~ }w@ }}J@}@~ ~w@ ~~J@~6@~ w@ J@6@D l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@~ w@ J@J@~ x@ J@@~ x@ @j@~  x@ @@~ 0x@ @@~ @x@ j@v@~ Px@ @@~ `x@ @@~ px@ j@ @~ x@ j@j@~ x@ 6@V @~ x@ @V @~ x@ V @V @~ x@ i@@~ x@ @6@~ x@ @@~ x@  @@~ y@ *@ @~ y@ @ @~  y@ @@~ 0y@ @@~ @y@  @ @~ Py@  @ @~ `y@ *@ @~ py@ *@@~ y@ @@~ y@ J@v @~ y@  @ @~ y@  @6 @~ y@ J @ @~ y@  @ @~ y@ !@@D l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@hh~ y@ "@6@~ z@ #J@@~ z@ $@@~  z@~ 0z@ J@@~ @z@ J@6@~ Pz@ J@@~ `z@ J@@~ pz@ @6@~ z@ J@@~ z@ J@V@~ z@ j@@~ z@ J@V@~ z@ J@V@~ z@ J@V@~ z@ J@V@~ z@ 4J@V@~ {@ J@@~ {@ J@@~  {@ J@@~ 0{@ @@~ @{@   @@~ P{@ HJ@J@~ `{@ J@J@~ p{@~ {@ @ @~ {@ @@~ {@ @@~ {@ *@@~ {@  @@~ {@ @ @~ {@ @v@D l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@~ {@ @@~ |@ @@~ |@ J@v@~  |@ @v@~ 0|@ @@~ @|@ *@@~ P|@ @@~ `|@ @@~ p|@ @@~ |@  @V@~ |@ 4j@llT@~ |@  @v@~ |@ 6 @ @~ |@   @ @~ |@   @ @~ |@  @ @~ |@ @v@~ }@ @@~ }@ @@~  }@ J@v@~ 0}@ @ @~ @}@  @@~ P}@ *@@~ `}@ @@~ p}@ @@~ }@ j@V@~ }@ *@@~ }@ 4@+ @~ }@ @ @~ }@ 6 @ @~ }@  @ @~ }@  @ @D l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@hh~ }@ !@v@~ ~@ "@@~ ~@ #@@~  ~@ $@v@~ 0~@~ @~@  @@~ P~@  @@~ `~@  @ @~ p~@  @ @~ ~@  @@~ ~@  @@~ ~@  @ @~ ~@  @@~ ~@  @ @~ ~@ 2 @ @~ ~@  @ @~ ~@  @ @~ @ 4 @ @~ @  @ @~  @~ 0@ j@@~ @@ l@@~ P@ j@v@~ `@ j@v@~ p@ j@v@~ @ j@v@~ @ j@v@~ @ j@v@~ @  j@v@~ @ !j@v@~ @ "j@v@~ @ #j@v@D l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@     ~ @ $j@v@~ @ %j@v@~ @ &j@v@~ @ 'j@v@~ @ (j@v@~  @ )j@v@~ (@ *j@v@~ 0@ +j@v@~ 8@ ,j@v@~ @@ - j@ v@~ H@ . j@ v@~ P@ / j@ v@~ X@ 0 j@ v@~ `@ 1 j@ v@~ h@ 2j@v@~ p@ 3j@v@~ x@ 4j@v@~ @ 5j@v@~ @ 6j@v@~ @ 7j@v@~ @ 8j@v@~ @ 9j@v@~ @ :j@v@~ @ ;j@v@~ @ <j@v@~ @ =j@v@~ Ȁ@ >j@v@~ Ѐ@ ?j@v@~ ؀@ @j@v@~ @ Aj@v@~ @ Bj@v@~ @ Cj@v@D l@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ !"~ @ D j@ v@~ !@ !E!j@!v@~ "@ "F"j@"v@ (@@>@7 Oh+'0T(0 @LOJA010@[Q՜.+,0HP X`hp x  Task overview TMM D2.2  Worksheets  !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~Root Entry F@OTWorkbook SummaryInformation(DocumentSummaryInformation8