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july 2006      

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27 July 2006
ICT standardisation survey

The European Commission has launched a study to prepare recommendations that will ensure the European standardisation policy for the information and communication technology sector meets the challenges of fast moving markets. The analysis is being conducted against the background of major changes in the ICT sector. The combination of liberalisation and globalisation has brought competition within and between sectors, strategic partnerships between companies, and a decreasing role for governments. The most striking development is the shift from hardware to software and the impact this has on traditional standardisation policy. The results of the study, and its proposals, will be presented at an open workshop in spring 2007.

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25 July 2006
New eContentplus call

A new call for proposals will be launched under the eContentplus programme in August 2006. The provisional deadline for receipt of proposals is 19 October 2006.

The draft work programme 2006, call for proposals and guide for proposers is available here.

Final versions of these documents will be published as soon as the internal procedures for their adoption by the Commission are completed. Any changes in relation to the draft versions will be pointed out on the eContentplus web site.

21 July 2006
New projects in cultural heritage

A number of new EU-funded research projects have been launched in past months as the result of IST Call 6 in the field of learning and cultural heritage. Some of those projects with a focus on discovering, accessing and using digital cultural resources are:

CONTRAPUNCTUS aimsto create an online library that facilitates access to digital Braille scores for blind musicians;
EASAIER will offer enhanced access to sound archives through the integration of speech and music processing, cross-media retrieval and interactivity tools;
MEMORIES will deploy an OAIS-based application combining computer assistance for developers of audio databases and a smart search engine for audiovisual information retrieval;
MOSAICA plans to develop a technology toolbox for intelligent presentation, knowledge-based discovery and interactive and creative educational experiences of a broad variety of cultural heritage resources;
P2P-FUSION will support creative reuse of audio and video through an open, accessible, legal and economically efficient environment for audiovisual cultural activities;
VENUS aims at providing scientific methodologies and technological tools for the virtual exploration of deep underwater archaeology sites.

Click here to access the official web site for FP6 learning and cultural heritage projects.


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