The European Library: Modular Extensions for Mediating Online Resources

TEL-ME-MOR is a project funded by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme of the Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme. The project started on 1 February 2005 with the objectives of:

• supporting the 10 national libraries from the New Member States, which are partners in the project, in becoming full members of The European Library;
• stimulating and facilitating the participation of organisations from the New Member States of the European Union in projects funded within the IST area.

This site:

• informs on the project’s activities and outcomes;
• presents information on the opportunities for New Member States to participate in future European projects within the Cultural Heritage and Learning sectors;
• publishes regular updates on latest developments in the digital libraries’ area.

Target audiences

TEL-ME-MOR addresses the cultural, educational, industrial and public sectors. It aims to bring together the various professional domain networks, the authorities which are responsible for the institutions and their services to the research sector, the research, scholarly and IT communities. In particular, the project targets the following audiences:

•  Libraries, museums, archives

•  Educational institutions (schools, universities, etc.)

•  Government agencies and policy makers

•  Local authorities

•  Researchers

•  ICT Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

•  Individual users.