TEL-ME-MOR is funded under DG Information Society’s IST programme and is managed by the Learning and Cultural Heritage Unit in Luxembourg. It was launched in February 2005, with the overall goal of raising awareness of the opportunities for New Member States (NMS) to participate in European projects , especially in the areas of Culture and Learning. In addition to that, the project supports the 10 new National Libraries to integrate their electronic resources into The European Library, an initiative established under the aegis of the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL), providing unified access to the digital and non-digital resources of the 43 national libraries of Europe.


The TEL-ME-MOR Policy Conference is an International event, which will:

•  present the achievements and results of the TEL-ME-MOR project
•  provide a forum for discussion of the latest digital library developments in Europe and in the world
•  highlight future research requirements and formulate concrete recommendations as to how the EU and international R&D agendas can lead to improving access to our common cultural heritage.


The conference will focus on the following themes:

• The European Library and its relation with other memory institutions: digitisation priorities, standards and interoperability between libraries, museums and archives, multilingual interfaces and searching, etc.
•  research requirements, role & perspectives of memory institutions within the Seventh Framework Programme; digital library’s international initiatives (e.g. Google, The Internet Archive etc.).


The event will gather together representatives of the European Commission, Ministries of Culture and Education, Research Bodies, directors of libraries, museums and archives as well as from prominent International organisations and institutions involved in digital library initiatives.

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