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The end of TEL-ME-MOR

The TEL-ME-MOR project will officially end on 31 January 2007 having completed all undertaken tasks. The main achievements of the project were the integration of the collections from 10 national libraries of the New Member States into The European Library service, the publication of the report of the very first study on research and development requirements of European national libraries, the analysis of options of multilingual access to the collections of national libraries, and successful information dissemination on the research and development programmes of the European Union as well as on the European Digital Library initiative.

All reports and other deliverables produced in the framework of the TEL-ME-MOR project can be accessed at All information published currently at the TEL-ME-MOR web site will be transferred to The European Library web site by early April 2007. The dissemination activities on the European Digital Library will be carried on by the EDLproject.

29 January 2007
TEL-ME-MOR seminar in Riga

The National Library of Latvia organises a seminar on The European Library on 29-31 January 2007 at hotel „Eiropa” in Riga, the capital of Latvia. The seminar focuses on the services and possibilities offered by The European Library as well as on the impact of the TEL-ME-MOR project to the expansion and development of The European Library. The event will be attended by representatives of national and academic libraries from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

More information from Inara Drulle at the National Library of Latvia, inara.drulle(at), tel. (371) 731 2796.

29 January 2007
Final review meeting in Berne

The final review of the TEL-ME-MOR project took place on 22 January 2007 at the Swiss National Library in Berne. The reviewers were satisfied with the progress of the project and considered it very successful. They were joined in this opinion by the project officer Manuela Speiser from the European Commission.

Earlier on the same day the TEL-ME-MOR management board gathered for its final meeting in Berne. The board focused on the achievements of the project and on the details of reporting and management still to be carried out in the final weeks of TEL-ME-MOR. All partners considered the co-operation in TEL-ME-MOR very smooth and successful and expressed hope to continue the development of The European Library in the framework of future European Union supported initiatives.

2 January 2007
Workshop on the European Digital Library

EDLproject organised a two day workshop at the Austrian National Library in Vienna. It assembled representatives from several eContentplus projects and concentrated on the practical issues of bringing these networks and their materials into The European Library.

To learn more about the workshop and its results, click here for the official press release from 18 December 2006.

2 January 2007
The European Library Newsletter

December 2006 issue of The European Library Newsletter has been published. The latest issue features an interview with Irmgard Bomers with focus on the relationship between the National Library of the Netherlands and The European Library. In addition there are news on events and developments related to the European Digital Library.