workplan telmemor

Relevant reports and documents produced by the single WPs are accessible from the Results page.

The activities of the TEL-ME-MOR project are organised into five workpackages (WPs). Three of them are led by organisations from the New Member States. Brief descriptions of these workpackages are provided below:

WP1 Analysis of research requirements

The objective is to investigate the research requirements of national libraries and their clients from the research and technological application sector, in the new member states, focusing on research and new services in areas that are relevant to the Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme.

The result will be a validated orientation tool for would-be IST actors in the new member states as they respond to future calls and strive to develop new ICT based services for the research communities.

Led by the National Library of the Czech Republic.

WP2 Developing the network for access to national resources

The objective is to assist national libraries from the new member states in introducing effective information and communication technology tools and networked support services as a basis for offering all the features of The European Library environment whereby researchers can access the information they need anywhere and at any time. In addition it will result in raising the profile of this knowledge network in the new member states.

Led by the National Library of the Netherlands.

WP3 Developing the multilingual capacity of the network

The objective is to lay the foundations for developing multilingual capabilities, thus making information and knowledge available from the national libraries in the new member states easily accessible to their principal clients, namely researchers, educational and cultural workers through interfaces and search mechanisms in each of the national languages.

Led by the National and University Library of Slovenia in cooperation with the National Library of Switzerland.

WP4 Awareness building and electronic information space for research partnerships

The objective is to build awareness of key actors in the knowledge society in the new member states of the opportunities for involvement in research partnerships and their potential contribution to the shaping of research agendas. Methods used will include linked websites in all new member states’ languages, regional conferences, newsletters and organisation of a European conference, which will widen the impact to other CENL members in the European Union, Commonwealth of Independent Nations and Balkan countries.

Led by the National Library of Estonia.

WP5 Management

This WP deals with the management, co-ordination and evaluation activities of the project.

Led by the German National Library.