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december 2005      

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15 December 2005
Study on TEL project

The Journal of Documentation published in its October 2005 issue a study on the business plan of The European Library (TEL) project by Mel Collier, a researcher from the Northumbria University in the United Kingdom.

TEL project was the first phase of creating and developing The European Library service. It started in 2001 and was completed in January 2004. The current TEL-ME-MOR project is building on the achievements of TEL project, helping New Member States of the European Union to become involved in The European Library.

The purpose of the above mentioned study is to describe the process and results of the business-planning work package of TEL project, in which eight national libraries collaborated on a joint approach to access their digital libraries. The study paper titled The business aims of eight national libraries in digital library co-operation can be accessed via the Emerald FullText service.

1 December 2005
Regional Expert Workshops

In April and May 2006 TEL-ME-MOR will hold three Regional Expert Workshops in Poland, Hungary and Slovenia. The events will discuss research requirements in the New Member States, aimed to encourage a greater participation of these countries in future European research projects. The overall goal of the workshops is to formulate recommendations as to how the EU Research & Development agenda can lead to improving access to cultural and scientific resources by the research and education sectors in the New Member States, via participation in future EU-funded projects.

Click here to access programmes and other relevant information on the workshops.

1 December 2005
International Seminar on Digital Memory

National Library of Estonia, a partner in TEL-ME-MOR project, organised an international seminar on web archiving and preservation on 24-25 November 2005 in Tallinn, Estonia. The event was attended by more than 50 people, including experts from partner libraries in Latvia and Lithuania. The National Library of the Czech Republic was also represented by one of the key speakers, Ms. Bohdana Stoklasova.

This seminar was first in a series of seminars launched by the National Library of Estonia with the aim of discussing the issues raised by the implementation of the legal deposit system in the context of digital information environment. It covered the topic on how to organise cooperation between legal deposit libraries and publishers in the new circumstances so that the interests of both parties are protected, and what selection criteria should be used for collecting, bibliographic registration and archiving of web resources.

TEL-ME-MOR project was also introduced at the event and TEL-ME-MOR leaflets distributed to all participants.

Click here to view the programme and presentations.

1 December 2005
Information Day in Latvia

Mr. Andris Vilks, Director General of the National Library of Latvia, presented TEL-ME-MOR project at the national information day on 24 November 2005 in the Technical University of Riga. The information day focused on projects IST-Mentor+ and IST4-Balt, on Latvian participation in the 6 th Framework Programme (FP6) and on providing preliminary information about the 7 th Framework Programme (FP7). TEL-ME-MOR was introduced as one of several successful projects under FP6 where a Latvian institution is participating as a full partner.

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